Common problems with spas

With hot tubs, relaxation is guaranteed every day at home. One of the biggest specialists in the sale of this type of device is Tropicspa. He relies on quality and ensures that his spas provide satisfaction for a long time. However, sometimes problems appear with these structures and are beyond the control of Tropicspa. Here are some of the most common.

Bad smells

Nothing should stop you from having a good time in your spa. Unfortunately, this is not the case with bad smells which take away any desire to relax in such a structure. This is a tropicspa problem that has been the subject of several articles written by specialists. It turns out that the bad smells felt in these structures are mainly due to human activities. For example, hair shampoos, oils and dirty water negatively impact spa filters which end up clogging. This leads to a build-up of bacteria, an imbalanced pH as well as foams giving a milky appearance to the water. Here is the origin of these bad smells, which fortunately can be treated with pH regulating products.

Problems occurring at the level of health

Among the problems often observed with the spa, there is a negative impact of the water in the structure on health. But it should be noted that this is due to the degradation of the quality of this water, a situation caused mainly by algae. When a person basks in a dirty spa, they can end up with irritation and rashes on the skin. Also if the products used for the treatment of water are in excess, burns can occur in the eyes. By having an idea of ​​all these problems, you can take the necessary steps to avoid them.

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