The best spa floor location

Today, the spa is very popular with many households. It offers several advantages at the level of the body but also at the level of the spirit. Not only is the spa the ideal equipment for guaranteed relaxation, it also brings a great feeling of well-being. There are currently several inexpensive spas on the market. The price generally varies according to the type of material, its dimensions, its integrated options, the costs of delivery, installation, costs of maintenance products and others. However, regardless of the type of spa you have chosen, you must absolutely take into account its location, especially the ground on which it will rest. Indeed, the latter must be perfectly solid and resistant to be able to withstand the weight of your equipment. In the case of a built-in spa, you must call in professionals because this requires earthwork.

Soil preparation

If you want to place your equipment indoors or outdoors, you must measure the resistance of the ground at all costs. In fact, the floor on which it will be placed must support the maximum weight of the equipment, ie the weight of the spa filled with water and people. In order to know this maximum weight, you need to call in a professional in the field. Note that a spa can have a total weight of two tons once it is full. You can also place your equipment high up. For this, you must plan steps to be able to access it. Either way, you still need to check the strength of the ground.

Soil reinforcement

If you see that your soil is not strong enough, know that you can also strengthen it. There are many ways you can install your spa. The most used is the creation of a concrete slab whether or not it is reinforced. The best would be to provide a larger concrete slab. Note that this step is only necessary in the case of a built-in or semi-built-in spa.

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