What to take into consideration

Buying a spa can turn out to be a real headache, which is why we've compiled the best tips from the web in this buying guide, making it easier for you to filter all makes and models of spa on the market.

Did you know that the term Jacuzzi is a brand of Spa? People sometimes (mistakenly) use the brand name Jacuzzi to define all Spas just like a BIC pen or paper towel. There are some subtle differences and it is important for potential buyers to understand what these differences are.

Summary of the main considerations to be taken into account

From basic features to more in-depth technical specifications, we aim to walk you through the most important aspects when investing in a spa:

- Number of seats
- Number of jets
- Number of pumps
- Filtration system used
- Total spa size (make sure it fits where you want to install it)
- Additional features
- Lighting
- Water characteristics
- Warranty details

We recommend that you use the list above to guide you in purchasing your spa. In our experience, the research phase is the most tedious but also the most important to ensure that your final purchase decision is not only the right one for your budget, but also for your family.

Remember, buying an inflatable jacuzzi spa is an investment. Before choosing a hot tub or spa, check out our handy buying guide below for some helpful decision-making tips.

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